Robert Jaso : A Photographic Genius

An artist, a story: Robert Jaso, the talent at work through photographic art


Robert Jaso, French photographer, master of light, known for his technique and creative images, is one of a few French photographers who can claim a remarkable international career.
His works are acclaimed by fashion houses, cosmetic brands and advertising agencies around the world that use art photography to distinguish , glamorize and valorize their image. His work is also sought by private collectors and enthusiasts , often a question of individuals who are especially delighted by the privilege of owning and enjoying a unique work, and notably by designers for specific projects in interior design , who are captivated by the genius of the artist with a singular vision and astonishing and fascinating creativity.

Robert Jaso with sporting legends Rafael Nadal and Bubba Watson for Richard Mille at Liberty National Golf Course.


Today a well known photographer, he was also once a well known male fashion model. He paraded for a number of major designers in his days as a model, but none of the attention has ever affected his relationship to others. Robert Jaso remains a humble man. Creative and meticulous, he is especially sensitive to the realities of the world to which he belongs and in which he also advocates for things to change for the better.


We interviewed him exclusively for you:

Robert Jaso, who are you?

– I am an artist who uses photography to express his emotions.

What are your passions?

– I am passionate about beautiful things and that in all forms accessible on earth: painting, sculpture, minor art, major art and of course nature itself. Nature really fascinates me. Whatever it is, from the moment it stirs emotion in me. In fact, I have many passions. I am fond of sports, especially tennis. I like the feeling of making an effort and pushing to surpasse myself.

Tell us about your career:

– My career must be atypical like that of many of my colleagues who work in the artistic field. I started with a diploma and two years of univeristy …, and it is more than necessary nowadays , if you want to be independent, effective and able to last in a career.

With a little luck and above all the will, I managed to get into a big model agency where I started to model, travel and discover the world. I was passionate about it !

Then one day, reality caught up with me , modeling isn’t a lasting career . I got a lot of encouragement from people who had seen my personal photos and told me that I should think about becoming a photographer. I then decided to get down to business: photography.

So, with the help and goodwill of some studio professionals. I locked myself in a studio for several years, where I experimented with lighting and learned about taking pictures day after day, week after week. I also had the encouragement of a renowned artistic director who believed in me, more than I believed in myself at the beginning , and who followed what I was doing, giving me advice until the day I had the courage to see my first clients … So, summarized, my story seems very simple but actually, it is not. I encourage all those who want to work in an artistic profession to be armed with patience, and above all, to believe in themself and work hard, because in the end it’s really worth it. .. ! It will attract the right people when the moment is right !

What makes you special in the field of photography?

– I think that my particularity comes from the fact that I am ultra demanding towards myself , a perfectionist, and that, technically is obvious in my work, but add to that a bit of: « it’s not in the book creativity » and that’s it ! And that is FELT in my images ! « And sometimes, when I start working on a picture , my lighting, some of my assistants will say to me: « No, you cannot do this like that », … « Ah! Why, then ? » I ask, « Because it can’t be like that » … the assistants will answer, and that’s when I become determined and most creative. I research and I find the interesting side of it … I find my own thing.

Your relationship to art?

– My relationship to art is instinctive and immediate. I often do not know even 10 minutes before making a picture, what I’m going to do. It is on entering the studio, upon seeing the model or styling, or simply because it is nice or ugly weather outside that everything comes to me.

How do you manage the reputation gained over time?

– The only difference when you have a little bit of notoriety is that things come to you more naturally and more easily, much like an actor who is « bankable » and who receives interesting scenarios in his mailbox in the first place.

What are your values?

– The only value that is worthy in this business is intellectual honesty.

Your motivations ?

– Motivations, they are simple. I always feel that the next shoot will be unique, and that’s what keeps me inspired.

What stimulates you the most in this job?

– What stimulates me the most in this job is that I rarely do the same thing twice. It is very refreshing.

How do you see the future of our world?

– The future of our world is being undermined right now. We really do not know where we are going. Urgency is everywhere and everyone seems to ignore it , economically, politically, socially, ecologically. The boat is sinking and we continue to load it, day after day!

Your philosophy?

– My philosophy is simple. Consume what you need, without abusing , and try to transmit good values to the next generation. Moreover, we will have to put ourselves and our lifestyles into question and change a lot of things if we want to continue living without environmental disater or a war to come to reset the counters! The awareness is there, well present, but there is hard work ahead and I am part of it.

What would you change in our world, if you had the power?

– The banking system, I guess.

What type of man are you?

– I try to be straight, honest with myself. : – ).

That’s not bad. Many thanks to you Robert Jaso for answering our questions and especially for the remarkable example you give to your fellowmen, both on the human level and in the professional field.

His Website: Robert Jaso Photographer

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